Entry #19

burn in hell deborah roberts

2013-05-01 21:50:26 by Princess-Laucherella

What does Deborah Roberts have that I don't have? I mean I'm a princess. I'm a princess and I don't even poop. I bet she poops :( Why doesn't Al Roker love me? WHY DOESN'T HE LOVE ME??!??????????? DEATH TO THE DEFILER.

As high princess of Castle de la Roker, I sentence the defiler to death. MY LOYAL SUBJECTS, IF YOU SEE AL WITH THIS WOMAN I WANT HER DEAD I WANT HER DEAD. I WANT TO BATHE IN HER BLOOD. I WANT TO CHEW OFF HER NIPPLES. I WANT[EDIT: I'm so sorry I used the f-word b4; Satan was inside my brainstem again. I'm sure me and Deborah Roberts can talk this out.].

Princess Laucherella <3

burn in hell deborah roberts


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2013-05-01 22:07:55

What a nasty whore.


2013-05-02 00:05:55

And where's the payoff for the lady-killing person? Besides, doesn't Al Roker love everyone who's on camera with him? Sounds like you need to infiltrate (the set), not assassinate :|

Princess-Laucherella responds:

Thou darest defy thy vassal???????????????????????????


2013-05-04 17:54:34

is boston bombin colab comin or


2013-05-04 17:54:35

is boston bombin colab comin or

Princess-Laucherella responds:

we had a big one planned but my bestest pal in tha whole world, the mighty Lord-Humungus, has died and we are doing a big ol tribute to him instead that you can expect to see soonish :'(


2013-05-05 09:31:41

excited 2 say the least


2013-08-11 02:46:53

What the fuck.