Happy Brithday Cyberen!

2009-09-06 23:49:37 by Princess-Laucherella

I hope Cyberen has had a lovely 24th birthday!

This may be his last birthday as a free man for a very long time, as he has recently been arrested for the murder of a rival artist (read all about it on the BBS)! Please wish our dear friend well:


Happy birthay, Brock! I love you! :<

-Princess Laucherella

Happy Brithday Cyberen!


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2009-09-07 01:14:30

You aren't irish so you and cybren can go kill yourselves, you low life peices of shit!!!


2009-09-07 01:15:28

Remember to cut down and not across


2009-09-07 04:12:10

Your one of those cult girls, you make me sick, you masturbate too much.


2009-09-07 09:05:04

Creepy if he did.


2009-09-07 14:25:33

Aye boyo, this fat chick is a creep


2009-09-08 18:39:05

you fuckin freak! cyberen sucks your big cock


2009-09-10 21:49:07

What the fuck is Cyberen anyway? Whats so epic about it? :0


2009-09-13 00:29:27

You crazy bitch i din't shoot myself you fuckin cunt. I' m irish you fuckin bitch.

Princess-Laucherella responds:



2009-09-14 23:33:48

Cyberen is a great big faggot, his husband carved his name on his ass, he is now known as bubba's bitch, fuck cyberen, fuck the barney bunch, fuck star syndicate they can suck a dick, and fuck you, you ain't a princess, you a she male.


2009-09-16 16:56:55

Your really ugly, girl, please don't ever show your face here again, i almost threw up and took a dump on your face the way you like it. But it looks like somebody already did on cyberen's virginity flash movie.

Princess-Laucherella responds:

I am not Anigen.


2009-09-18 19:23:08

That is your ugly mug, your anigen's alt. dumb shit. I'm tight with star sydicate, i know who you are asshole, stop complaining about your girlfriend and get back to trolling.